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Collage is one of the most exciting and user-friendly mediums in contemporary art, and offers students at all levels, from beginner to advanced, a hands-on experience in art. Play with a wide variety of materials, work with optimum collage tools, explore imagery, fine-tune creative technique and expand personal visual vocabulary. Expand ideas and explore your current work with collage. Explore the great artists via collage. Mini critiques and discussions on the art history and contemporary approaches to collage are presented in all workshops.

1-2 Day Intensive Workshop
10:00-5:00 each day including one hour lunch/$200-$300 per student. Minimum: 1-4 participants. Discounts for workshops with more than 4 students.
Workshop includes Introduction to basic collage media and painting with paper, as well as collage tips and techniques, including equipment and tools, working with glues, papers, paints, substrates, the art of layering, multiple ways to plan a collage, design basics, color mixing, creating embellished surfaces, texture, and pattern.

3-5 Day Expanded Workshop
10:00-5:00 each day including one hour lunch/$400-$500-$600 per student, including tools and basic materials. Minimum: 1-4 participants. Discounts for workshops with more than 4 students.
Workshop includes all aspects of technique and media covered in the 1-2 Day Intensive Workshop as well as advanced techniques, including creating collage media in acrylic, printmaking, drawing with collage, image transfer, mixed media collage (watercolor, pastel, pen & ink, photo transfer), fabric and 3D collage. Individual critique and discussion, including copyright issues in collage, understanding the difference between glues and adhesives, what is archival, how to set up a collage studio, organize media, safe storage, and how to handle, mount, frame and present collage works.

Email me if to discuss custom collage workshops for your school, university, art center or association.

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Our goal is to Introduce and promote the art of collage to the largest possible audience, and inspire a unique, creative experience for each individual through hands-on workshops, classes, programs, original publications, kits and related collage products.

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