Possibilities with Paper


4 hour workshop led by Nancy Egol Nikkal. All levels.

Registration and information: nancy@nikkal.com.

This workshop includes hands-on demonstration, discussion and personal attention. Students explore various techniques working with papers.

Instructor will provide:

Various glues, paste, acrylic paints, watercolor, gouache, collage tools, brushes, palette knives, brayers, fabric, scissors, rulers and selected papers.

There may be time for students to create a simple collage with their paper media.


fold, pierce, cut and tear paper with scissor, brush and ruler

paint papers with watercolor, gouache and acrylic to create pattern and design

create mixed media: acrylic and oil pastel, pen, ink and wash, oil reverse drawing

build and incise texture with glue, molding paste and acrylic paint

join, expand and reshape paper substrates

laminate fabric to paper and paper to paper

modify surfaces with sandpaper


3 Rs: Repurpose Reuse Recycle – turn junk mail into collage media

A Brief History of Collage

10 CollageTips: How to Get a Smooth Flat Even Surface

Registration and information: nancy@nikkal.com

The image nearby shows painted and embellished papers by Nancy Egol Nikkal.

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