I WOULD LIKE TO GET YOUR FEEDBACK on collage workshops I offer, and would like you to email me and tell me which ones are the best or appeal to you the most.

ONE COMMENT: I love exploring unfamiliar materials and learning new techniques


See the list below. YOU CAN ANSWER YES OR NO to the questions. There is a place for you to add a comment at the end of the survey and tell me the reason a workshop appeals to you. I hope you will suggest anything else you think should be included. Please include your name and email. I will post the most interesting responses in my blog.


If I select what you wrote for my post – you get a free 2 hour session at my studio and can play with collage and my materials*. Or, I will answer question you have about collage techniques or processes, or, if you want, will review (critique) one of your works.

All my workshops and classes include an introduction to basic collage media, tools and techniques, how to work with adhesives and glues, types of papers for collage, paints, substrates, and the art of layering. We discuss how to plan a collage, design basics, embellishing papers,  texture, and pattern. There is always personal attention for individual projects.

(* travel expenses and/or accommodations are not included.)


I would like you to agree or disagree with the statements below.


I like projects that explore different collage techniques.

I like projects that explore different collage media

I like projects that explore color.

I like projects that explore design principles.

I like projects that include drawing.

I like projects with photo collage.

I like projects with wood, metal and small 3D objects.

I like projects with stamped images, letters and numbers.

I like portrait collage projects about family and people.

I like landscape collage projects.

I like geometric and abstract collage projects.

I like projects inspired by great artists (Matisse, Bearden, Schwitters)

I like projects with natural materials like flowers, bark and twigs.

I like projects with delicate tissue papers.

I like projects with digital and photocopy images.

I like projects with recycled papers and magazines.

YOUR COMMENTS and a few more Q&A ---- Do you attend arts workshops?

Please describe workshop/s you are most interested in attending.

Do you buy online classes or tutorials? Please describe your ideal class or tutorial subject.

Do you watch instructional videos? Please describe your ideal video subject: The Ideal video duration:

please provide an email where we can contact you about our prize drawing
please provide an email address where we can contact you about our prize drawing.


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Our goal is to Introduce and promote the art of collage to the largest possible audience, and inspire a unique, creative experience for each individual through hands-on workshops, classes, programs, original publications, kits and related collage products.

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