Romare Bearden (1911-1988) created the black and white image nearby. It is titled Conjur Woman: Prevalence of Ritual. Bearden worked in color and in black and white (in the same collage), and also reproduced and enlarged his images in black and white. His collage media included newspapers, magazines, colored papers, painted papers and fabric. All the other images are by adults in my workshops. They cut out images from contemporary magazines, and, inspired by Romare Bearden’s Conjur Woman, put together their own personal collages – all in one afternoon workshop session. I am always impressed with their work.


Romare Bearden lived and worked half the year in St. Martin in the Caribbean. He was so inspired by the light and colors. Many of his collages started as lush watercolor paintings, and because he loved to play with media, and embellish with crayon, graphite and paint, he created a large body of rich, brilliant mixed media works. When you look at Eden Midnight or Purple Eden you see an exotic world alive with tropical energy.